Company profile

SV3C Technology Co.Limited was founded in Dec. 2013, which was specialized in home security, home smart field, it is a set research and development, manufacture and marketing, in one profession creative company. Our main products are WiFi IP Camera, POE IP Camera,WiFi NVR Kit etc…
The Main Business Model:
1, we provide professional customized and technology support for E-business agent by own brand “SV3C” electronic business channels.
2, We provide ODM/OEM service for VIP customers ,it is a complete program include design, development, production and package.
Our brand SV3C have fixed market share on US and UK except domestic sale, meanwhile we hope sale to Germany,France,Spain,Italy and Japan...
Management Model:
We have a strict management system and scientific process, in the same time we adopt advanced ERP software which can help us to improve efficiency from orders management and stock removal to financial management. We insist on fewer but better teams instead of more and complicated multi- level management.
Office environment:
Modern transparent office and simple and bright color decoration. There are indoor golf, Bar, afternoon tea time, flexible working time, we provide social security and end-year bonus. You can work here simply, no office politics.
SV3C welcomes you join us anytime, here is the place of your talent.
Passion, efficiency, concentration and share is our team center value. We welcome anyone who have passion and dream join us.
Our enterprise center tenet is provide excellent products and quality service.
For a easy and safe life.