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  • i****a
    i´ve been using this cameras for a while. and the image is beatifull, easy to set and use. I had problems with one, but the customer service was very helpfull and complete. i´m going to continue using them..
  • Ge****er
    Due to ongoing problems with our next-door neighbour thought it was time to invest in a security camera that you don’t have to pay a monthly fee for and this camera fits the bill nicely as the build and picture quality is top-notch for what you paid for. Installing this camera is really easy to do as you can use WiFi but due to the size of our property decided to use a network cable for a more reliable connection.

    The CamHi and PC Software for this WiFi Security Camera is easy to download and use without having too many problems but you may face a small problem with the PC Software as your security software will try and tell you it’s a dangerous website/download but we have tested this software on a test PC and couldn’t find any virus or unwanted programmes within the software.

    This Security Camera is made of a high-quality metal that makes this camera stand out from the crowd and due to the wide-angled lens makes this camera harder to vandalize and because of the metal construction will mean you have picked up the crook even if they do manage to damage this camera

    The WiFi on this security camera is ok but could be better as I had it next to my Smart Hub and the signal was a bit weak for my liking but when testing out the camera inside my property never had any single loss and please don’t think you are when using the mobile app as it does take a few seconds to connect to the camera but this is due to your IP Service Provider and Mobile Network having to talk to each other but if you’re an IT geek like myself installing a network cable into the attic shouldn’t be a problem and if you don’t fancy doing this then I would recommend a WiFi Booster close to the camera due to black spots within most homes

    I would recommend using a Western Digital Purple Micro SD Card in this camera as they have been specially made for surveillance cameras and can withstand hot or cold tempters and don’t drop frames like some other brands of micro SD Cards on the marker and I would also use a free FTP server or a NAS Drive that supports FTP for secure backup of your recordings